Dying to live again

hi i'm claude and idc. instagram - claaaude
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  • About me

    Hi guys.

    • My full name is Marie-Claude, but i go by Claude.
    • I am 16 years old.
    • Im pretty tall.
    • Im from Canada :)
    • Im scottish and fluent in french.
    • Im actually a very nice person. I can be shy, but once you get to know me, i become very outgoing and stupid.
    • Im straight and single ;)
    • Im a competitive dancer and im in a tap company and the naitonal tap team.
    • I love music.
    • I love snowboarding.
    • I really want a tattoo.
    • I have 7 piercings and want more woo
    • I love to travel.
    • I will NOT follow back, but i will check out your blog so just ask :)

    If you want to know more, just ask, I promise not to bite (: